Empath Skills Test, Videos, Podcasts, Burning Man Pictures

I am happy to share videos of three readings. Check em out:

So grateful to Sam Price and Ariel Benarroch for shooting them and Lisa Gross for editing them.

I’ve also appeared in a bunch of podcasts. Enough to occupy your ears for many hours. In the Evolver, hosted by my friend Ken Jordan, I run through my whole story, start to finish. If you want to know everything, this is as close as it gets.

When I was in LA, an eccentric and enthusiastic Aussie named Jeremy Carne turned up at my parents’ house with recording equipment and too much charm. He interviewed me about my process and put my skills to the test. Could I tell what my friend Donna was feeling without her being physically present? (Yes!)

Fellow empath and the author of “The Empath Experience,” Sydney Campos, interviewed me, too. We mused about why empaths are such a thing right now. And what our role is at this strange moment in history.

And check out these pictures from Burning Man taken by Martin Ditto and Elese Moran, in the pyramid at Playalchemist and at Ideate, respectively. They’re something, no?

Lastly, feast your eyes on these double exposure masterpieces by Mark Abramson, taken last week at the Assemblage. He created this effect in in the camera. Photoshop was only used to tweak the color and contrast.

Mark and I are planning to do more of these. Cooking up ideas now…