Empath Performance Art: For the Love of Performing


Last week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I got in front of about 50 people each night and enacted the story of my psychic and spiritual development. I embodied characters, shared about my depression, writhed on the floor from ayahuasca, and danced on stage. I took volunteers from the audience, sat them across from me, and read them -- all the way down to their core. 

Catie Davis directed me masterfully with just the right combination of ease and discipline; Jake DeGroot made it come alive with playful sound effects and spectacular lighting; and Alannah O'Hagan, our stage manager, held the whole production together. An angel named David Solie financed the play after a few phone calls -- then flew to NYC to see it with his family.

It was, in short, a blast, maybe even a miracle. I can honestly say we held everyone's attention the whole time, and though there was much to improve, there was so much more to celebrate. I gave my all to something. And I loved it. (And thanks, Jake, for taking these photos!)