A Short Report on Empath: The Play

From November 29 to December 8, “Empath: The Play” ran at Theaterlab in Manhattan. In the show, I recount the story of how I discovered I was an empath. The journey winds its way from depression to psychedelics to Burning Man, with a stop along the way to heal some inter-generational Jewish trauma. I close with readings with volunteers from the audience.  The whole experience was a blast.

Check out these pictures by the great Mark Abramson:

The audiences loved it. I could feel it in the room. Sure, there were a few haters. And they were welcome, too. The reviews were uniformly positive. Here are some blurbs with links to the articles:

“Thoughtful and insightful... It will keep you curious and interested. Sauvage is quite a person. He has an excellent sense of humor, is beautifully sensitive, has a winning inquisitiveness and honestly seeks truth.”
–Isa Freeling, Medium.com

 "Profound yet understated… The show’s message is universal: while our feelings may seem difficult, oppressive, or inexplicable, we have the right to each one of them and to choose how we approach them. In a tense and disconnected world, this acknowledgement is profound, as much a reassurance as an affirmation of our power.”
–Emily Cordes, Theatre Is Easy (BEST BET)

 "Sauvage is a charismatic man and he definitely has a gift for writing, speaking and healing… The direction by Catie Davis was well done as well as the fabulous lighting and sound design is by Broadway’s Jake DeGroot.”
–Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicle

 “Sauvage has a charm and likability that puts viewers in the stark, white, intimate space, readily at ease... If personal growth is your hot button, we can all take a piece of that with us and have a higher consciousness of both our inner emotions and how we emote.”
–Robin Gorman Newman, MotherhoodLater.com

“Empath’s success doesn’t rest solely on the believability of the titular psychic…Skeptics likely won’t leave the theatre believing in divination, but for those with an interest in the supernatural, it’s a must-see.”
–James Bartholomew, All About Solo

Prod Fam2.jpg

The team that came together to make this play happen was absolutely stellar. My partner-in-crime, Catie Davis, directed me with the perfection combination of clarity and spaciousness. My old friend, Jake DeGroot, make the show come alive with his playful sound cues and spectacular lighting. And our stage manager, Plato Seto, made sure the whole production went smoothly.

I’m also deeply thankful to Orietta Crispino, the artistic director of Theaterlab, and her colleague, Lanie Zipoy, for inviting me back. And to my 75 Kickstarter backers, who financed the play.

Catie and I, in conjunction with a producer, are currently working to make the script even better, with the intention of remounting the play. If you’re interested in bringing the show to your city, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

I’m eager to do it again. Here’s a trailer to whet your appetite…