Hi. I’m David.

I live in New York City. I’m a 38 year old Jewish fella originally from Los Angeles. I used to make a living as a documentary and commercial director. And…

I’m an empath.

What I mean by empath is that I feel other people’s emotions. I use this ability to feel into what’s happening with you and offer you gentle guidance to help you heal, grow and live your purpose here on Earth. I also perform intuitive readings in front of audiences. It’s my original form of performance art.

How’d I discover I had this ability?

Nine years ago, I was depressed. I could barely leave my dumpy apartment for weeks at a time. A friend of mine suggested I talk to her psychic. I said no. My friend offered to pay for it. I said sure. And the psychic, well, she said I was… psychic, too.

I didn’t believe in psychics. I didn’t believe in Tarot cards either, or astrology, or crystals, or unicorns, for that matter. But strange things started happening.

I received visions about people that were uncannily accurate. For instance, I got into a cab one day. I saw, in my mind’s eye, the cab driver, years earlier, sitting a desk, doing math in a double entry notebook. “Why’d you give up being an accountant?” I asked. “How’d you know I was an accountant?” He responded.

The experiences piled one on top of the other till they became easier to accept than to resist. I played with the idea that I was psychic after all.

Discovering I was psychic inspired me, but it didn’t heal me. What healed me, or empowered me to heal myself, was plant medicine. Ayahuasca in particular showed me that my depression was held in my body in the form of repressed emotions. And that many of these emotions weren’t even mine.

I had been carrying other people’s emotions inside me for my entire life. I was like a clogged pipe. With the help of shamans, therapists, and various somatic techniques, I released these trapped emotions. I was free. I was also extremely sensitive to the people around me.

These two plot lines converged at Burning Man (where else?). I was doing psychic readings for fun. During one reading, something inspired me to take a man’s hand. The moment our hands touched, the man’s emotions took over my body. With my eyes closed, I described the feelings he was having. When I opened my eyes, I saw he was crying. I was not only accurate, I was enormously helpful.

That reading revealed my superpower. It transformed me from a hobbyist to a professional intuitive. My readings since have been astonishingly reliable and transformative.

If you had told me, ten years ago, I would be using my body to unearth truths about people to help them heal, I would have… I don’t know what. It’s inconceivable. But it’s happening.

My readings are physical. My body expresses the emotions I’m experiencing. A friend described it as performance art. And a lightbulb went off. A few months later, I found myself at a gallery on the Lower East Side, doing readings in front of audiences. I called it: EMPATH: INTUITIVE READINGS AS PERFORMANCE ART.

I’ve since done shows all around the country (and world). Everywhere from yoga studios to SXSW to virtual reality. I turned my story into a play called, you guessed it, “Empath.” I teach, too. I teach fellow empaths how to handle their gifts. I teach non-empaths how to become empathic. I also do corporate work, helping companies integrate empathy and/or integrity into their culture. My biggest client was the Four Seasons, the luxury hotel chain.

In the healing space, there’s a tendency to brand oneself as finished. We want our guides to know everything. That’s not me. I’m learning as I go. And one of the things I’m learning is the power of transparency. What people like about me is that I’m honest with them, no matter how that makes me look. Often that means saying, “I have no idea.”

I like to say, don’t take advice from anyone too seriously, unless they’re trying to help you listen to yourself. That’s what I’m here for. To help you listen to yourself.