If there’s one article you should read, it’s probably this one in the Guardian. I like the scientific angle. And the pic!

My favorite article about my work is this short one in SF Yoga Magazine. It’s a surprising reaction to what I’m doing by a fellow intuitive.

NBC News interviewed me for this piece about how to cultivate empathy generally. I argue we should cultivate emotional awareness first.


The Assemblage did a Q&A. They were curious about about my transition from skeptic to empath. Untitled Magazine wanted to know about the differences between empaths, psychics and highly sensitive people.

There are bunch of reviews of my play “Empath.” I especially enjoyed this one from All About Solo because the writer’s a total skeptic and still liked it. Theater Is Easy called the play a “Best Bet.” And here’s a thoughtful critique on Medium.

I ran a popup shop in the East Village for two weeks. John Montone of 1010 WINS radio interviewed (and poked at) my colleague and me about it. We were also featured on Chasing News.


It’s not press, exactly, but I was touched by this Facebook post from a friend of mine in Australia who came to a show.